unfollowed incidents

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unfollowed incidents

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A few friends and I decided to spend this morning back at the British museum before afternoon classes. On the way back to uni, we noticed there were fresh blood trails on the pavement – they were very fresh, still wet (even though the sun is high today) which mean it must have been within the hour because it hadn’t dried out or turned brown yet.

By this time it was only Edgar and I left and naturally we decided to follow the trail. And it went on for about three blocks along Tottenham Court Road. The blood print was most pronounced on the (left?) heel, accompanied by splatters and smears which we think might have been the result of a leg wound. I have never seen quite so much fresh blood in real life before – it went on fairly heavily for the first three blocks before starting to faint.

PE7A7392 copy op

The trail turned into University Street and stopped across the road from the pub. We couldn’t find any more blood after that.

PE7A7391 copy op

I dont’t know if you can tell but it’s rather wet. A heel print from a non-plastic shoe i think.

PE7A7389 copy op

passerby walking obliviously over fresh bloody footprints. I hope that washes out of your shoe miss.

I think what was most interesting was the way everyone walked over/by/past the lengthy blood trail. Most people didn’t even notice – but a lady did stop and ask us if we knew what was going on. The whole incident was not unnerving but was a little unsettling. Coincidentally i had just finished watching Sherlock the night before. The media student in me wondered if there was a story in this. The law kid said keep my head out of potential issues. So I have blogged the pictures for evidence, and possibly alert campus security because the blood started/ended at uni.


  1. I saw this too! really fresh at about 10.40am. Did anyone ever find out what happened? The trail was still there when I left work at 8pm, though far more dried on!

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