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I think what was most interesting was the way everyone walked over/by/past the lengthy blood trail. Most people didn’t even notice – but a lady did stop and ask us if we knew what was going on. The whole incident was not unnerving but was a little unsettling. Coincidentally i had just finished watching Sherlock the night before. The media student in me wondered if there was a story in this. The law kid said keep my head out of potential issues. So I have blogged the pictures for evidence, and possibly alert campus security because the blood started/ended at …

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London Museum Diaries: Part 1

And because the Natural History Museum was right next door, we went for a oggle too – and it was brilliant; like walking into the kind of place one *imagines* a museum to be like, yet it exists. Everything from the stone-wood-glass cabinets to the cathedral halls and the animal skeletons suspended in mid-air. I could have just stood in the main hall for hours.

38 hours later

There is an absence of pics between me walking down into the Underground and resurfacing because I was (a) trying not to add to my tourist image of tramping bag + suitcase by adding a dslr to the recipe and (b) been warned against doing anything beside watching my luggage like a hawk. So no pics. I just oggled the menswear (tailored, YES – and I don’t mean skinny jeans Sydney Hipsters), the cute houses, the accents and counted the stops until Kings Cross.¬†Random note: everyone here walks at my speed! it’s fantastic. The PA voice at the stations all …