Rothko Quartet: Europe Tour ’13

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Rothko Quartet: Europe Tour ’13

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I seemed to have developed a taste for making my subjects play in traffic during peak hours. Auckland city was easier to navigate than the intersection in Sydney though, and people generally tried to get out of our way. No musician or instrument was harmed in the making of the picture. This shot shows one of the (many) times that they had to run into the intersection during the red light and then run back out again.

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I went up to Auckland to shoot for the Rothko Quartet a few days before flying back to Sydney for uni. Their europe tour began in July, and they wanted imagery for their various concerts etc. The lead violinist, Olivia, and I go way back (aka music competitions when I was wee) and I hadn’t seen her in years. It was really lovely traipsing around Auckland CBD in gowns, dresses and (eventually) soggy shoes. I maintain there’s nothing more beautiful than a musical instrument and so this was a nice change to my usual fashion work. One of these days, someone’s instrument will actually get wet and there’ll be hell to pay. Until that day, however… 😀

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