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This is the QUEENS HOUSE in North Greenwich – I went to visit a friend who lived close by and we ended up walking to here (which was next to the ROYAL MARITIME MUSEUM) as well as the UNIVERSITY OF GREENWICH (just below)

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UNIVERSITY OF GREENWICH – apparently Thor was here? I came here before I watched Thor 2 and so whilst I was watching I was like: hold on. THis looks really familiar. What is going on. I’m pretty sure I’ve been – ohhhh.

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SAINT PAUL’S CATHEDRAL at night, from across the river Thames. We had just come out of the Tate Modern and were wandering back to the tube station when I snapped this.

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One of my favourite places to photograph thus far; Trafalgar Square. Everything is just so photogenic, especially during/after the rain. This was on my first visit (out of 3) to the National Gallery I think.

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No seriously, look how *angsty* the buildings are here, I think it’s the lighting that does it. NATIONAL GALLERY taken at sunset, around 5pm I think – we got home just before it started to really pour! phew.

National Gallery pano OP

panoramic shot of Trafalgar Square – best viewed full size (click)

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