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London Museum Diaries: Part 1

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London Museum Diaries: Part 1

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 I’ve been in London for over a week, and 99% of that time has been spent in museums and galleries I think. According to google maps, I have been walking over 20km a day on average!  To date, I have visited: the British Museum (thrice), the Natural History, Science Museum, National Maritime, National Gallery (twice), National Portrait Gallery, Tate Modern (twice), Somerset House Gallery and the Museum of London.

I think I actually underestimated my lust for museums/history/etc o_O I have also been doing other things that aren’t museums, but I thought it might make more sense to post entries thematically at this point. Some of my better pictures I can’t release yet because they need to be reserved for magazines…hence why I haven’t been blogging since day 1 haha.   

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We walked about an hour to get to the Science Museum, which on the whole was one of the less exciting museums this week (against expectations).

The 3D printing exhibition was very small and we sadly didn’t see any actual printing in action. But it was still a fun exhibit all the same. Here is an 18th century microscope. It has lots of scientifically necessary things like gold plated sculptures of angles and stuff on it.

also I just realised, while putting this post together, that I failed to get pictures of the outside of these buildings (which I’ll remedy in due course). (a) you can find out what it looks like super easily +  (b) it’s too effing cold to take my hands out of my pockets to use my camera. #firstworldproblems

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And because the Natural History Museum was right next door, we went for a oggle too – and it was brilliant; like walking into the kind of place one *imagines* a museum to be like, yet it exists. Everything from the stone-wood-glass cabinets to the cathedral halls and the animal skeletons suspended in mid-air. I could have just stood in the main hall for hours.

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