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after the barricades

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after the barricades

PE7A2062 op

I have this thing for displaced scenes, and indulged myself to the max on this shoot. I coerced poor Jackson and Alex to carry an old fashioned rocking chair all the way up to that gangway so Nora could lounge on it (as you do). I’m not quite sure how they ended up getting it up there, considering it was about five flights of emergency steel ladders that were rusted and only big enough for one person. In fact I can’t be sure the rocking chair isn’t still living up there. Ah well; the perspective and view was worth it. :O loving empty spaces.

PE7A2051 op


Thanks to Jackson who took behind the scenes shots throughout the afternoon. this semi-abandoned place was heavenly; all neglect and industrial rust; perfect for the post apocalyptic feel I was going for. Here is a shot of the intrepid explorers venturing into the courtyard.


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